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Hi! I'm Nicole - a Coach, Artist and Fitness Professional. I do work that I love and am passionate about, that adds value and joy to my own life and that helps inspire and energize the lives of others. It's my belief that this world needs more super heroes of everyday life - more Passion Rangers. Learn more about Who I Am and What I Do.


Through my diverse travels in life and business I've come to believe that life is all about exploring, living and sharing your passions and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. Join me on The Passion Ranger Blog where I share my insights, inspirations, tips, tools and techniques, raves and probably a few rants on living a life fueled by Passion, Creativity and Fitness. And for those of you looking to take your super hero life or business to the next level, Passion Ranger Coaching is coming soon!

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From Epiphany to Passion Ranger

Epiphanies are funny things. You may think of an epiphany as a sudden flash of intuition, a striking perception, an illuminating discovery or realization that happens in a single eureka moment of human brilliance. Wondrous things epiphanies! Oh they flash and strike and illumine all right – just not always as we might expect. Sometimes...


An Irish Blessing

A few years ago I discovered this four leaf clover literally right beside my door. I had a short break between clients, sat down on the back stoop for a quick hit of sun and fresh air, glanced down in the grass and there it was – as if it was waiting just for...

dear ideal client

Dear Ideal Client…

It's National Personal Trainer Awareness Day! Happy New Year Everybody! New Year's Day this year for me was spent in full-on planning mode for what I anticipate to be an exciting time ahead. In a happy accident of Google research related to my business goals, I managed to stumble upon the knowledge that January...


My own personal expression of creativity is as a Photographer, Encaustic and Mixed Media Artist. Learn more about my thoughts and explorations in creativity and how to squeeze more creative juice into YOUR own life on The Passion Ranger Blog. Prints and originals of My Artwork will soon be available for purchase online.

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Originally certified as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor over 20 years ago, I've taken my knowledge and experience online to be able to help more people achieve their fitness goals as part of a fun and energizing community in my 5 Dollar Fitness Club. If you're a woman of any age, shape or size who wants to take charge of your own health and fitness, enjoy vitality through exercise as a lifestyle, learn to love your own body AND fit this all into your already busy life, then this is for you!

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