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Ready to take back your body, feel amazing in your own skin, and rediscover your passions and purpose in life? You've come to the right place.
Nicole Cabrias

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Nicole Cabrias

Your Take Back Your Body & Your Life Coach

I help women in their 40s, 50s and beyond take back their bodies, feel amazing in their own skin, and discover (or re-claim!) their passions and purpose in life.

I'm also a photographer and I make art. Because those are my passions too.

You see, I've come to believe that life is all about exploring, living and sharing your passions and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. I call people with the courage to do this Passion Rangers - a kind of super hero of every day life. I welcome you to join me...
Coaching For Fitness & Life
Mid-life is not supposed to suck. You deserve to take back your body, your passions and your purpose. It really is possible. I can help.
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Proudly Certified by:
AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Certified Coaches Federation Certified Life Coach Practitioner NASM Certified Nutrition Coach Certified Life Purpose Coach
"Nicole has surpassed all of my expectations and made this journey one of the most enjoyable, rewarding experiences of my life. Not only have I never been as proud of my body as I am now, I see so many other positive changes in my life that I never would have expected. I have more energy, I feel more positive each day, and I overall just lead a much healthier lifestyle."
— Nikita N. —

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Where I share the things that light me up, in the hopes it will help inspire you to live a life that lights you up - a life of joy and vitality, fueled with passion, creativity and fitness.

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