Quotes Over Coffee

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Have you ever come across a great quote at just the right time?

You know – that phrase or concept you read somewhere that served up the perfect wording on a silver platter and fed you a healthy portion of encouragement, inspiration or a good butt-kicking at the EXACT moment you needed it?

To me a good quote can be like that first morning hit of caffeine. EYE OPENING. One minute you’re drifting around in a bit of a fog, and the next thing you know you’ve been jolted into a whole new level of awareness. Suddenly your thinking is different, and sometimes your entire world can be forever changed in that instant.

I Love to Read. A Lot.

It’s a standard part of my morning routine over coffee to spend time reading books or blogs that get my brain and spirit revved up. (Yes, I’m sure the caffeine plays a role in the revving-up too.) I also save a lot of the ideas that stand out to me – quotes that make me stop and think – that have some positive impact on how I see the world at a particular point or on a particular day. I refer back to these from time to time when I may need a little extra “hit” in a certain area of my life. You know – Sometimes you just need an additional dose of courage or creative juice or some fresh new thinking to fire things up wherever you may be feeling stuck.

It suddenly occurred to me that the quotes that resonate deeply with me may be just the thing that someone else needs at a particular moment in their life too. Which also means that I’ve finally found a use for my Twitter account.

Not sure why but I’ve just never been able to really embrace Twitter. At the same time it would seem to be the perfect platform to share my espresso-sized snippets of inspiration with the world. So I am pleased to announce that I’ve begun sharing my Quotes Over Coffee each weekday on Twitter and I would love to have you join me.

A good quote can be like that first morning hit of caffeine. One minute you're drifting around in a bit of a fog and the next thing you know you've been jolted into a whole new level of awareness. Click To Tweet

Forget Red Bull.

Words are intensely powerful and THIS is the stuff that gives me wings! Ok…the caffeine helps too. If sharing the ideas that light me up each day can help educate, entertain or inspire you or just one other person at the exact moment you need it, then my time in the Twitterverse will be very well spent indeed. Please follow me on Twitter for #quotesovercoffee. I hope to see you there.

With joy,