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From Epiphany to Passion Ranger

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Epiphanies are funny things.

You may think of an epiphany as a sudden flash of intuition, a striking perception, an illuminating discovery or realization that happens in a single eureka moment of human brilliance. Wondrous things epiphanies! Oh they flash and strike and illumine all right – just not always as we might expect. Sometimes an epiphany might happen in an instant; but sometimes the epiphany gets planted as a seed and then takes its own sweet time to germinate its way into full bloom. At least this has been my experience.

STUPID Guide to Goal Setting

stupid guide to goal setting

Traditional goal setting techniques not quite cutting it for you? Maybe it’s time to get STUPID.

The dust of the typical New Year chaos has finally started to settle… into the sudden realization that OMG how the heck did it get to be APRIL ALREADY?! I’m totally with you there.

Not to worry though, as we move into this next quarter you can still rekindle that spark for those goals and resolutions you set at the start of the year. But how?

Quotes Over Coffee

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Have you ever come across a great quote at just the right time?

You know – that phrase or concept you read somewhere that served up the perfect wording on a silver platter and fed you a healthy portion of encouragement, inspiration or a good butt-kicking at the EXACT moment you needed it?

To me a good quote can be like that first morning hit of caffeine. EYE OPENING. One minute you’re drifting around in a bit of a fog, and the next thing you know you’ve been jolted into a whole new level of awareness. Suddenly your thinking is different, and sometimes your entire world can be forever changed in that instant.

An Irish Blessing


A few years ago I discovered this four leaf clover literally right beside my door.

I had a short break between clients, sat down on the back stoop for a quick hit of sun and fresh air, glanced down in the grass and there it was – as if it was waiting just for me.

So happy I grabbed a quick shot to remember the moment because I definitely believe it’s brought so many blessings.

Remember to always be on the lookout for small blessings. They’re literally everywhere – just sitting there waiting for us to notice them.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door.

With love and  joy,

Dear Ideal Client…

dear ideal client

It's National Personal Trainer Awareness Day!

Happy New Year Everybody! New Year's Day this year for me was spent in full-on planning mode for what I anticipate to be an exciting time ahead. In a happy accident of Google research related to my business goals, I managed to stumble upon the knowledge that January 2nd has been designated as National Personal Trainer Awareness Day - a day to highlight the crucial role fitness professionals like myself play in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Given that I'm jumping head-first into this year with the kickoff of my 5 Dollar Fitness Club online personal training program and fitness community, I figured what better day to tell the world about what I'm up to?

3 Simple Fitness Tips to Not Blow the Weekend

3 simple fitness tips

How Not to Blow the Weekend? It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

I’ve noticed that many fitness professionals online tend to come out with exercise advice for the beginning of the week; fresh week, fresh start, fresh goals. And yes, I do approach much of my training and coaching from this perspective as well. It makes perfect sense and it works.

However, one of the things I’ve seen repeatedly with my personal training clients is this tendency to fear the weekend a little bit – fear that they’re going to completely blow all the hard work they’ve done for themselves all week long. So here I introduce my 3 Simple Fitness Tips to NOT Blow the Weekend. Let’s all enjoy our weekends and thrive without that crushing Monday morning hangover of guilt, shall we?