From Epiphany to Passion Ranger

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Epiphanies are funny things.

You may think of an epiphany as a sudden flash of intuition, a striking perception, an illuminating discovery or realization that happens in a single eureka moment of human brilliance. Wondrous things epiphanies! Oh they flash and strike and illumine all right – just not always as we might expect. Sometimes an epiphany might happen in an instant; but sometimes the epiphany gets planted as a seed and then takes its own sweet time to germinate its way into full bloom. At least this has been my experience.

Strange Blessings

A few years back, exactly one month to the day before I was turning 40, my whole world suddenly and inexplicably tilted on its axis. Not that turning 40 in and of itself bothered me at all, but if you’re anything like me, I saw it as a pretty big milestone – one that I was really rather looking forward to. And then the world got really surreal.

The “what” that happened isn’t important. Frankly I gave up trying to make any logical sense of the whole thing a long time ago. Close friends do tell me that some day it could make a best-selling novel of international intrigue, a Kafka-esque psychological thriller, or quite possibly a slapstick comedy of errors – who knows? But I digress… What is important is what the mid-life-disaster-turned-blessing caused, which was a personal epiphany of sorts.

The Eureka Moment

My flash of brilliance during this period can be summed up quite nicely in this gem of a definition I found in the Urban Dictionary, and one which makes me giggle:

Epiphany Definition
“Epiphany – A smart-sounding word for realizing you’ve been practically retarded for quite some time.” – The Urban Dictionary

Yep. My eureka moment, such as it was, was that I wasn’t truly following my own unique path or putting my gifts to the best use. Heck – I wasn’t even sure what my gifts were anymore, let alone how to use them! I had always been a passion-driven person yet I had completely lost sight of my passions! The sudden insight came as a shock. The questions then became – What to do with this knowledge? What’s the next step? How do I fix this? I had absolutely no clue. Perhaps you can relate?

Apparently ephiphanies have no perception of time. The key, I have learned, is to nurture them and to not let them wither and die.

Fast forward a few years, a significant amount of soul-searching and a healthy stack of personal development books later, I recognized that my best life happened consistently at the times when I was:

  • pursuing my passions
  • expressing myself creatively
  • physically active
  • sharing my knowledge and skills by teaching and encouraging others.

And thus the tiny seedling of an idea to create a web site was planted. It certainly took its own sweet time to germinate into what you see here, but here we are now with my Passion Ranger Ventures just opening into bloom.

Why You’re Here

My mission is to energize lives fueled by passion, creativity and fitness. Whether in business or in life, so few people have the courage to pursue the stuff that truly lights them up that I really do think it’s a special power. I aim to create a movement of like-minded every-day super heroes whom I call Passion Rangers.

What do you dream of doing, being or creating? What is your intuition nudging you to explore? What might your passion-fueled life look and feel like? Whatever your passions I hope you’ll join me to discover, embrace and unleash YOUR inner super hero.

Please feel free to connect with me on social media with hashtag #passionrangerblog or by email and share…

What’s your passion adventure?

With love and joy,