Who I Am

A Canadian-Antiguan artist/photographer, fitness professional and certified coach practitioner, I've always been a very passion-driven person. Throughout my many personal and professional experiences, ultimately I've come to believe that life is a journey of exploring and living your true passions, and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

Born and educated in Toronto, attending University in Miami, spending the vast majority of my adult life in the social and cultural environment of the Caribbean, having the opportunity to be based for a number of years in Thailand, and now full circle back to Toronto has all resulted in some pretty amazing experiences and adventures, some wildly varied tastes and a deep appreciation for diversity.

Living and working in these weird and wonderful places has also given me a rather abstract sense of humour and outlook on life. That, and a penchant for spicy food.

My Philosophy

Follow your dreams and intuition.
Live with passion and courage.
You'll never know until you try.

It's time to FLY.

My Story

In August 2010, exactly one month to the day before my 40th birthday, my whole world suddenly and incomprehensibly turned on its head. The “what” that happened isn’t so important here. What is important is what the mid-life-disaster-turned-blessing caused, which was a personal Epiphany of sorts that I wasn't truly following my own unique path.
Fast forward a few years and a significant amount of soul-searching later, I recognized that the times in my life when I have been the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled, most "alive” and indeed the most successful have been when I have been doing these primary things:
  • following my passions
  • expressing myself creatively
  • being physically active
  • sharing my knowledge and skills by teaching, encouraging and inspiring others.

And thus this site and my Passion Ranger Ventures were ultimately born.

My Mission

Energizing lives fueled by passion, creativity and fitness. My mission is to create a movement of every day super heroes of this wild and precious life.

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